Monday, April 19, 2010

The "Twilight" Roundup

So, a few weeks back, over at MonkeySee, we had our week-long discussion of Twilight. And since it was so hilarious and awesome, I am linking to all the posts and live chat transcript here. In addition, I am providing a list of my tweets on the subject. I wanted to include some other tweets as well, but searches aren't bringing up older ones right now, so I can't. Anyway, you'll note that the #monkeyread hashtag allows us to keep track of the book clubbers' thoughts, but if you search it now you'll get a boat load (no pun intended) of Moby Dick, since that's our current selection. If you're that interested in the whole "Twilight Tweetfest", you'll need to go back several pages in your search, assuming they fix whatever problem they're currently having with it. Also, please keep in mind that these items may contain spoilers to the whole series. Enjoy!

Monkeysee posts:

Why you shouldn't be an author if you don't know what words mean.

Does Bella deserve to be the most hated girl in all of literature?

OMG Edward + Bella 4EVA!!!!!1!!!

Do teenagers matter?

What happens when Twilight lovers and haters all try to talk at once.

And here, my lovelies, are my tweets:

And yes, I did read New Moon. And Eclipse. And Breaking Dawn. I've also watched both movies about a dozen times. Each. It's ... mind-boggling, to say the least. However, I have amassed a ton of opinions on the series and will postulate on those in my next post. And then I'm done making you read about Twilight, I swear.

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