Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Quick Thought on a Line

In the early goings of Winter's Bone, Ree, played exquisitely by Jennifer Lawrence, tells her younger siblings, "Never ask for what should be offered." In that one line, Lawrence conveys everything you need to know about Ree: she's headstrong, prideful, follows a strict moral code, and always has the welfare of her siblings at the forefront of her mind. But it also evokes emotion. Instantly, you're able to empathize with Ree's situation; you know where she's coming from, and you support her. At the same time, you pity her -- just a little -- for her rigid pride, and wonder if she might not have such a hard life if she knew how to ask for help.

Of course, that would require help being available to her, which is another matter entirely.

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